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What is ActiveManager?

ActiveManager is an integrated food safety management platform designed by food safety experts to help foodservice businesses ensure food safety.  ActiveManager provides foodservice business managers and owners the means to achieve Active Managerial Control (AMC is an FDA recommended system) of food safety risk factors using pre-defined critical daily assessments with real-time corrective actions including employee re-training.

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What is AMC?

Retail foodservice establishments (restaurants) are the leading cause of foodborne disease outbreaks in the United States causing 60% or more year to year between 1998 up to 2016 (CDC 2017).  In order to make the most significant impact on foodborne illness prevention in a foodservice  operation, the retail foodservice business must also achieve daily Active Managerial Control (AMC) of the risk factors contributing to the majority of the foodborne illnesses and disease outbreaks in the United States (King, 2016).  

First described by the FDA, Active Managerial Control (AMC) of foodborne disease risk factors can be defined by the actions a retail foodservice establishment takes using a management system designed into the foodservice processes that include specific actions or procedures to monitor controls and provide for immediate corrective actions of food safety hazards during retail operations.  Achieving AMC requires a preventative food safety management system that provides a proactive rather than reactive approach to food safety through a continuous management system of training, daily monitoring, and making corrections immediately before a hazard occurs (e.g., cross contamination of food).

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Status of Restaurant AMC

ActiveManager keeps track of your restaurant AMC compliance states through the use of the daily assessments. Taking a full ActiveManager assessment at least once a day will keep you fully AMC compliant (the green state). Forgetting to take an assessment one day, not fully completing an assessment, or doing things incorrectly and not following up with mistakes in the assessment will make your restaurant state deteriorate until you are no longer AMC compliant at all. Stay compliant and take those assessments!

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ActiveManager revolves around the daily assessment. Taking you through the top 5 risk factors for restaurant food safety, ActiveManager guides you through a daily routine of properly cooking your food, monitoring your walk-in temperature, maintaining peak employee hygiene standards, and much, much more!

ActiveManager will offer two types of assessments. The first is a "Full" assessment and should take you around an hour to complete. The second is a "Light" assessment and should take you around 20 minutes to complete and is not sufficient enough to keep your restaurant fully AMC compliant if you take this every day instead of a "Full" assessment. However, the "Light" assessment is there for those days where you just don't have the time committed to completing a "Full" assessment.

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Top 5 Risk Factors

According to the CDC, over 61% of all foodborne disease outbreaks in the United States are caused by foodservice (e.g., restaurant) establishments; most of which are due to these five risk factors:

1)  Improper hot/cold holding of foods
2)  Improper cooking temperatures of foods
3)  Contaminated utensils and equipment
4)  Poor employee personal hygiene
5)  Food from unsafe sources

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Corrective Actions

Every single question in ActiveManager contains Corrective Actions which reveal themselves when a control is not working. For instance, let's say you are checking the cooking process of raw fish in your restaurant. You select the fish from your food list, select the cooking process, cook the fish and then check it's internal temperature. The internal temperature is shown as too low in the ActiveManager app. A Corrective Action will then pop, guiding you through the steps of correcting the bad temperature and logging the whole process on the ActiveManager Dashboard.

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ActiveManager Admin Portal

With the Admin Account, you can have access to your own dashboard that shows you analytics of how your business is doing in your daily assessments, the state of your employees who are sick or just need retraining, and more!

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Employee Re-training

When an employee is found performing a task incorrectly or working while sick, ActiveManager will automatically put this employee on a "Retrain Log" or a "Sick Log" respectively. If they are put on the "Retrain Log", they are sent a link for retraining. If they are put on the "Sick Log", you are alerted and asked to exclude them from work until they are fit to return.

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Account Structure

ActiveManager has two different account types: Manager Accounts and Admin Accounts.

Manager Accounts:
With Manager Accounts, you can take daily assessments, keep track of your restaurant AMC state, view your restaurant's Risk Factor Mastery, and monitor your restaurant's daily assessments. Manager Accounts only have access to the ActiveManager app and not the ActiveManager Admin Portal. In order to access the Admin Portal, you will need an Admin Account. Each starting ActiveManager package comes with 1 Admin Account as well as 3 Manager Accounts.

Admin Accounts:
With ActiveManager Admin Accounts you can keep track of all of your stores in many different important areas. You can stay on top of your Risk Factor Mastery for each store. You can view over a dozen different charts, graphs, and analytical data sets for your operation. You can add employees, assign them to training modules for personal hygiene, and track them through a sick log system if they are found working while sick. You can add equipment, food items with suppliers, sanitizer types, and much more for use with the pre-set daily assessments. Click the button below to find out more about the ActiveManager Admin Portal!

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Subscriptions and Payment


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