At Active Food Safety we leverage business partnerships to provide R&D services and work collaboratively to innovate effective products and application methods to prevent foodborne illness in food service and food manufacturing establishments.

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Partners with a Common Purpose(PwCP)

The initiative known as Partners with A Common Purpose (PwCP) recognizes that public health and consumer protection are common goals shared between the food industry and its regulatory authorities. Establishing equal partnership among these constituencies allows for greater collaboration and innovation toward continually improving the food supply and public health.  The Partners engage with each other in "safe-harbor" forums that facilitate candid discussion to find common ground for improving food safety including ways to break down the barriers that occasionally handicap these stakeholder groups from effectively working together.  Partner Mark Miklos is Co-founder and Chairman of the PwCP steering committee under the auspices of the Association of Food & Drug Officials (AFDO).

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Norovirus Hotspot Program

The NOROVIRUS HOT SPOT™ Program is designed to eliminate the guesswork in the fight against norovirus. Foodservice operators can sign up for assessment tools that empower you and your employees to identify and address areas that could be hot spots for norovirus. These resources are rooted in FDA-backed science and research, which traced how transmission begins in restaurant bathrooms and quickly travels to other hot spot surfaces in the kitchen and dining room.²

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Virus Mitigation in Retail Foodservice and Sales Business

The first step in mitigating viruses is to understand how the transmission of viruses occur. Transmission can occur two ways. One way is direct (person-to-person), and the second way is transmission through environmental contamination.

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