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ActiveManager is an integrated Food Safety Management System designed by food safety experts to help foodservice businesses ensure food safety. ActiveManager provides foodservice business managers and owners the means to achieve Active Managerial Control (FDA recommends AMC) over foodborne illness risk factors in their establishments.

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Actively Manage the Controls

According to the CDC, over 61% of all foodborne disease outbreaks in the United States are caused by foodservice (e.g., restaurant) establishments; most of which are due to these five risk factors:

1)  Improper hot/cold holding of foods
2)  Improper cooking temperatures of foods
3)  Contaminated utensils and equipment
4)  Poor employee personal hygiene
5)  Food from unsafe sources

According to public health experts, the cost of a single foodborne illness outbreak to a restaurant can be substantial and outweigh the typical costs of prevention and control measures.

According to the FDA, the best way to prevent the risk factors that lead to the majority of all foodborne disease outbreaks is by ensuring there is a Certified Food Protection Manager (like ServSafe) present during each shift and by establishing daily Active Managerial Control (AMC) of the risk factors for foodborne illness.

ActiveManager helps achieve AMC by providing pre-defined, critical daily assessments of the controls necessary to prevent the top five risk factors with real-time corrective actions including employee re-training and sick employee tracking. In a recent FDA report of 821 fast food and full service restaurants across the United States, using a Food Safety Management System in the establishment that helps achieve AMC was the strongest predictor of significantly fewer negative food safety behaviors/practices.

Perform Daily Assessments.

  • ActiveManager has preset assessments written by food safety experts to help you ensure the controls of all five risk factors of foodborne disease outbreaks

  • Managers can perform assessment questions anytime during a shift and at multiple shifts until complete

  • Different managers can perform assessments at different shifts and at different locations

  • Managers can see their own historic assessment data and improve their results

Corrective Actions and Alerts.

  • Managers can ensure corrective actions are performed when controls are not working

  • Managers can place sick employees on a sick log and ensure they don’t return to work until well

  • ActiveManager has smart tracking of outstanding corrective actions to ensure all are completed

  • Alerts can be set up to notify management when any control is not in place

  • ActiveManager has in-app data tracking and analytics to help improve assessment results

Retrain Assignment in Real-time.

  • Employees who fail any critical personal hygiene assessment are automatically set up to be re-trained

  • Management can also assign employees to be retrained when they fail to comply to hand washing, working while sick, etc.

  • Employees receive a link to specific retraining content. Retraining is verified and tracked for each employee

Monitor All Controls.

  • Easy-to-use Admin Portal can quickly ensure all foods prepared and equipment used are assessed

  • Owner/operators can monitor assessments and results by any manager

  • Easily set-up alerts for incomplete corrective actions or missed assessments

  • Monitor and set actions in the sick log

A scalable management platform.

Manager Accounts

With Manager Accounts, you can take daily assessments, keep track of your restaurant AMC state, view your restaurant's Risk Factor Mastery, and monitor your restaurant's daily assessments. Manager Accounts only have access to the ActiveManager app and not the ActiveManager Admin Portal. In order to access the Admin Portal, you will need an Admin Account. The Full tier gives you 3 Manager Accounts and the Plus tier gives you 6 Manager Accounts.

Admin Accounts

With ActiveManager Admin Accounts you can keep track of all of your stores in many different important areas. You can stay on top of your Risk Factor Mastery for each store. You can view over a dozen different charts, graphs, and analytical data sets for your operation. You can add employees, assign them to training modules for personal hygiene, and track them through a sick log system if they are found working while sick. You can add equipment, food items with suppliers, sanitizer types, and much more for use with the pre-set daily assessments. Click the button below to find out more about the ActiveManager Admin Portal!

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A Full AMC Suite

Daily Full and Lite Assessments

In-app data tracking

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Track your store

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Sick Employee exclusion tracking

Employee personal hygiene re-training

ActiveManager Lite

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ActiveManager Full

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ActiveManager Plus

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6 Manager Accounts

2 Stores


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1 Admin Account

3 Manager Accounts

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