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We know firsthand that food safety is a business function.

We use our industry experience to synthesize the best solutions from all available scientific, regulatory, and industry best practice to develop practical programs and tactical tools that will improve public health and food safety and grow businesses.

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Food Safety Leadership in the Business of Food Safety is a single resource for the retail foodservice and sales industry to define food safety business leadership and serve as a model for food safety professionals to achieve in their careers. Edited by renowned food safety business leader and public health specialist Hal King, Ph.D., this digital book features perspectives from top food safety business leaders at best-in-class retail foodservice operations.

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A team of experienced food safety professionals are standing by to assist you with modern, effective food safety management programs and systems design for your food business.

Contact us to start the process and protect your foodservice business today!

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Enterprise Businesses We've Helped:

Mobile Products

Our mobile apps provide best-in-class Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Food Safety Management Systems based on proven best practices and the FDA Food Code.

These apps help to ensure the best food safety protection available whether you have one store or one thousand.


EmergiProtect provides Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP’s), like body fluid cleanup procedures, for your managers to use without looking for a paper manual or checklist.

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ActiveManager provides foodservice business managers and owners the means to achieve, verify, and maintain Active Managerial Control over foodborne illness risk factors in their establishments.

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Our Partners

Our partners help you implement and execute Food Safety Management Systems and tools in your business operations to ensure food safety.

Our Blog: "The Lab"

The Lab is Active Food Safety's blog platform where we discuss our latest thoughts on different food safety topics as well as facilitate guest writers from all around the industry. Check back regularly to see the most up-to-date food safety blogs and subscribe below!

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Food Safety 
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Our books, webinars, podcast, and articles/publications to help the food safety business professional in their job.
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Our partnerships with the best-in-class food safety product vendors to facilitate the best use of their products for food safety.
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