Enterprise Mastery™

Active Food Safety is an experienced team of food safety professionals, thought leaders, and system designers dedicated to bringing you Enterprise Mastery™ for modern, effective food safety management program and systems design in your foodservice business. We provide best-in-class, tactical, and practical solutions to establish active management of food safety and public health risk to grow your business and brand.

Active FoodSafety provides two critical components to help you address food safety and public health risk while growing your business:

Here are some warning signs that the Brand(s) has/have had significant food safety risk:

! - The Brand/products have had sporadic customer complaints of foodborne illnesses or product defects

! - There have been several recent food safety recalls or product quality withdrawals

! - There has been an FDA Warning Letter (483) in any manufacturing facility

! - The food safety management systems of the food manufacturer are not based on Food Safety Management Systems rules (hazard analysis and risk-based preventive controls, or HARPC) nor Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification

! - Health Department Inspections of foodservice facilities find critical violations (foodborne illness risk factors)

! - There are customer complaints of illness reported to the Brand/products and/or on social media outlets

! - There are complaints about the foodservice menu items due to supplier errors

! - Sales are not growing in a foodservice location due to poor customer experience with safety/cleanliness

! - The foodservice food safety systems are not based on the Menu using Process HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points)

! - The food safety program budget is not based on actual risk

! - There is little to no technology to help ensure the locations/facilities make food safely every day

The Enterprise Mastery™ Standard

The Enterprise Mastery™ Standard is the business management process you implement in your organization to manage food safety risk - through your business - not against it.  It takes food safety risk mitigation beyond the concept of “Industry Best Practice” or “Gold Standard” leveraging our extensive and proven business management and public health knowledge with a foundation based on the FDA Food Code and CDC guidance to:

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An engagement with Active Food Safety can begin with a stand-alone Gap Assessment of your current Food Safety Management Program to help you determine what program and/or systems are necessary for your organization to achieve the Enterprise Mastery™ of food safety and public health risk mitigation.  From there, a stepwise engagement can be established to prioritize and implement the systems you need throughout the organization to achieve active and consistent management to prevent foodborne illness and other public health threats to grow your business.

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The three primary components of the Enterprise Mastery™  of food safety risk in a retail foodservice business are:

1. The management (Food Safety Program Commitment) of the proper controls established after Risk Vetting of the menu to identify all of the hazards associated with the processes of food production.  These include:

a. Supplier controls – approved ingredients and products (including packaging) used in the restaurants

b. Foodservice operations controls

c. Distribution and logistics controls of ingredients and products delivered to the restaurants.

The critical component of Enterprise Mastery™  is in the execution of the controls and the confidence that each restaurant/foodservice establishment is in compliance on a daily basis. Ultimately, a Food Safety Culture is developed from achieving Enterprise Mastery™ which then reduces cost, increases profit, and grows the business by consistent customer experiences desired by the business.