David Simmons

Preferred Vendor Expert Advisor

David Simmons is a corporate program and product solutions specialist with over 30 years of experience developing, promoting, and implementing effective program solutions with a focus on foodservice enterprises/chains and their food safety and sanitation needs.  David has 25 years of experience working for leading corporate program provider/manufacturers that include GOJO Industries, Ecolab, and Metcraft Industries, and has worked to develop corporate programs directly with an extensive list of retail foodservice brands.  His roles have included National Sales Director for GOJO Industries and AVP of National Account Sales at Ecolab.

Corporate program solutions David has developed include equipment sales, chemical programs, guest enhancement solutions, employee personal hygiene improvements, and other food safety solutions.  David has worked closely with all business functional roles and departments at the foodservice corporate level to include operations, finance, supply chain and procurement/purchasing, facilities and equipment design, and the executive leadership over program development and implementation.  His years of experience and relationships in the food industry have allowed him to become an expert in executing the special needs and requirements for managing all areas of a corporate program adoption including piloting/testing products for proof of value and then implementation of the product solutions for foodservice enterprises/chains of all sizes.  David’s strength has always been in the ability to develop and maintain relationships at all levels of the corporate enterprise leading to enduring friendships and high-quality long-lasting business partnerships.

David has the ability to work as if he is a member of any foodservice brand team with a keen understanding of brand culture, and this skill leads to effective program development with years of sustained program utilization.  Working as a partner and like a member of the brand team (not just a sales focus) has always been a priority that has enabled David to build a network of relationships with the top 1,500 foodservice brands: working closely with the largest most successful foodservice enterprises as well as new growing foodservice enterprises.

David has additional experience working directly with manufacturers and their distribution partners that serve the foodservice industry, and has worked with corporate program extensions to include markets across the US domestic and non-domestic markets.

David is a lifelong resident of Atlanta, Georgia and a graduate of the University of Georgia.