Karen Holden

Expert Advisor

With over 30 years in the hospitality, supply chain and food safety
industries, Karen brings exceptional knowledge and experience to the
Active Food Safety consulting team.

Karen began her career with Marriott International where she spent 12
years. Initially managing foodservice operations but she quickly began
directing the food safety program for MDS, Marriott’s food distribution
division.  She eventually transitioned to Marriott’s procurement
division, Marketplace by Marriott, where her depth of product
expertise, and experience with food safety in manufacturing and
distribution could have the most impact across Marriott’s varied
market segments.

When Marriott partnered with 4 other leading hospitality organizations
and spun Marketplace by Marriott off into a new supply chain services
company (GPO), Avendra, Karen became one of Avendra’s founding
members as a 20 year executive on the Quality Assurance Team.

Ultimately, she became the Vice President of Quality Assurance,
Competitive Analysis, Discovery and Consulting for Avendra.  She led
a team of 21 professionals, and developed a robust Quality Assurance
Program for over 900 supplier contracts while continuously testing the
competitiveness of the products covered by the contracts. In addition,
she and her team supported the sales effort by conducting an in-depth
discovery process with client prospects to determine if the Avendra
program would benefit them and performed consulting services for
existing customers to provide specification rationalization along with
varied profit improvement opportunities.

In 2021 Karen moved from the greater Washington, DC area to
Greenville, SC where she founded Tine Consulting Services, LLC.  
This has allowed her to provide both food safety, supply chain and
culinary expertise to restaurants, suppliers and distributors across the