Yale Lary

Expert Advisor

Yale did his graduate studies at Texas A&M University where his research was funded by USDA through the Animal Science Department.  He has years of hands-on experiences across a wide variety of supply chains, food types, manufacturing processes and cultures.  He has particularly good knowledge of food microbiology, livestock and poultry production, biosecurity, and animal welfare. Yale has been actively associated with the International Association for Food Protection, the Food Research Institute, and the Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization throughout his career. He has held leadership positions for several major corporations and midsized companies where he has learned from some of the best food safety, microbiology, R&D, regulatory and animal welfare professionals in the business. His diverse work experiences combined with his passion for learning and working with teams to find creative solutions enable Yale to be very good at identifying risks, trouble shooting, collaborating with teams, improving processes, training associates and implementing sustainable programs that add value and improve food safety.

One example of an innovative risk mitigation tool developed by Yale is IzItClean.  Developed as a trouble shooting tool for environmental Listeria and spoilage organisms associated with hard to clean/unclean equipment, IzItClean is a fluorescent food equipment cleaner that is useful for analyzing the sanitary design of equipment, analyzing cleaning procedure performance and for training maintenance and sanitation personnel.   The mixture is based on published formulas with antimicrobial efficacy, plus independent research, and development.  GRAS ingredients are combined to provide A1 general cleaner performance, log reduction efficacy, extended adherence to unclean hot spots and a visual verification method made possible by the natural fluorophore tracer(s).  IzItClean provides a means for visual identification of unclean hot spots due to poor equipment design or inadequate cleaning procedures, that otherwise go un-noticed using traditional pre-op inspection methods.

Freshability is an example of an innovative cloud-based auditing and reporting tool that Yale led the implementation of across a very large company and their co-packers.   Freshability delivered on all expectations and has been proven to provide a reliable user-friendly framework for monitoring, verifying, auditing, record keeping, communication, and data analytics.  The system has been used with no exception in USDA, FDA and CFIA plants.  Yale is currently looking for volunteers to beta test a Sanitation Environmental Hygiene Audit in Freshability.  Contact him if interested or to learn more about IzItClean and Freshability.  Both have proven track records compliance with regulatory agency requirements.