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Expert Food Safety Consultants.


Our consultants have years of experience and proven ability to provide you and your restaurants with the best guidance possible.


Protect your employees and your customers with simple and powerful food protection techniques.


Using decades of conclusive science, our consultants will help protect your business from foodbourne disease outbreaks.

Hal King

Dr. Hal King is the President and CEO of Public Health Innovations LLC, an ideation technology and consulting business.  Dr. King is a public health professional who has worked in the investigation of foodborne and other disease outbreaks (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U. S. Public Health Service), performed funded research on causation of diseases  (Emory University School of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases), worked in the prevention of intentional adulteration of foods (U.S. Army Reserves Consequence Management Unit), and worked in the design and implementation of preventative controls for food safety hazards in the food industry (Chick-fil-A).  He is formally the Director of Food and Product Safety at Chick-fil-A Inc. (a national restaurant chain with 2,000 restaurants and over $8 billion in annual sales) where he designed and led Chick-fil-A’s food safety management program. 

Dr. King is the recipient of the 2018 NSF International Food Safety Leadership and Innovation Award.

Lori Stephens

Lori Stephens is a 22-year veteran of the restaurant and foodservice industry, with a strong background in food safety, food quality, and business and technology development in the food industry.

She leads BLAZE Advisory + Technical, LLC, a consulting company which provides strategic advisement and tactical technical support in food safety, quality, and compliance for restaurants, foodservice, and retail companies, and the third parties providing services to these companies.

Prior to starting BLAZE, Lori worked for several well-known companies in the food industry, including NSF International, ABC Research Laboratories, Darden Restaurants, and Ecolab.

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Active Food Safety consists of the the best thought leaders in the industry. We have been consulting with some of the largest restaurant chains for years and have developed best-in-class methods to help protect your business, your employees, and your customers from foodbourne diseases and outbreaks.

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