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A team of experienced food safety professionals are standing by to assist you with modern, effective food safety management programs and systems design for your food business.

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What we offer

We provide professional expert consultants who have led food safety management programs in the largest and most successful food businesses in the United States.  Together our partners have over 60+ years of food safety leadership experience helping the food industry ensure food safety.

Enterprise Mastery™

Advisors use their proprietary Enterprise MasteryTM standard as the benchmark for all advisory services.  The Enterprise Mastery standard is based on the elements of the FDA Food Code for restaurant food safety, the FDA Preventative Controls for Human Food Manufacturing for supply chain food safety, and the foodservice industry’s best practices to achieve enterprise (corporate) level managerial control of food safety risk (developed in and for the foodservice industry).

The primary program elements of the Enterprise MasteryTM  of food safety risk in an enterprise foodservice business (e.g., a restaurant chain) are based on the Risk Vetting of the menu to identify all of the hazards associated with the processes of food production at the supplier, distributor, and foodservice operations.  This includes:

  • Foodservice operational associated hazards during the receiving, storing, preparing, and serving of the menu items in the restaurant facility

  • Supplier operational associated hazards during the processing of the source of approved ingredients and products (including packaging) used in the restaurant facilities

  • Distribution and logistics operational hazards in the transportation and warehousing of ingredients and products to be delivered to the restaurant facilities, including storage and delivery of products for off-premise sales from restaurants

The critical component of the Enterprise MasteryTM  of food safety risk is in the execution of the controls for each probable hazard either by the supplier or during restaurant operations; with the confidence that each supplier and restaurant (at each facility) can demonstrate compliance to the execution of the controls.  Finally, a corporate food safety management program that obtains Enterprise MasteryTM defines the food safety specifications for each ingredient and product produced by suppliers and warehoused/transported by logistics, defines the food safety management systems to be used in restaurant operations, and assures compliance across the enterprise; using gap assessments to identify gaps for continuous improvement.

The Enterprise Mastery™ standard (see below) has been developed with this point of view and with significant industry-leading thought leadership experience and inputs, including;

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Determine Your Risk

Enterprise Mastery™ begins with the Risk Vetting process to identify all the hazards, the contributing factors, and the controls specific to foodborne disease risk in food production across the enterprise. See how your enterprise measures up using this simulated Risk Vetting assessment of the contributing factors that may lead to foodborne disease outbreaks in your enterprise.

Choose Your Assessment

Program and Systems Gap Assessments

An engagement with Active Food Safety can begin with a stand-alone Gap Assessment of your current Food Safety Management Program to help you determine what program and/or systems are necessary for your organization to achieve the Enterprise Mastery™ of food safety and public health risk mitigation.

Risk Vetting

Using a proprietary risk ranking system against all known hazards in food manufacturing, supply chain and/or foodservice operations, we will provide a quantified assessment of the food safety risk present in your operations and how best to mitigate these risk.

Mergers and Acquisitions Vetting

Vetting a Food Safety Program for the Purchase of a Foodservice or Food Manufacturing Company

Using a proprietary risk scoring system based on the Enterprise Mastery™ of food safety program management, we will provide a quantified assessment of the food safety risk present in a foodservice or food manufacturing company that is being considered for purchase.

We also quantify this risk against a financial valuation model, and will help you ensure the business is in compliance to all country specific regulatory requirements.

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Expert Review of Ingredient Nutrition, Safety, and Compliance

With our health and nutritional experts, we can perform thorough risk analysis on:

  • Health and nutrition risks
  • Regulatory review, both nationally and at the state level, as appropriate
  • Health claims
  • Disclaimer information
  • Unique and helpful information about the identified ingredient

Nutritional Menu Labeling Regulatory Compliance

Our nutritional experts can develop and manage the nutritional values for all current and future menu items of your restaurants. This includes:

  • Menu database maintenance – menu labeling compliance
  • Menu board compliance review
  • Answer Guest questions on nutritional information of menu items

Public Health Consulting

Our partners have extensive training and experience in the mitigation of infectious diseases like COVID19 in business environments to ensure employee and customer safety now during this pandemic and in the future with whatever comes next.

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A consulting engagement for vetting of food safety risk against Enterprise Mastery™ can begin with a stand-alone Gap Assessment of the Brand’s food safety management program to help you determine what program and systems are necessary for your organization to achieve Enterprise Mastery™ of food safety risk mitigation.  From there, a deeper-dive engagement can be established to quantify the risk in the company of the management to prevent food borne illness and public health threats to inform your purchasing decision.

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